• Paying homage to the adventurers of the 1930s film serials, LEGACY embodies that sense of exploration and bravery so boldly displayed by its heroes. Taken from the time where men had true grit, the packaging was designed to resemble the look of hidden treasure that only gains value with age. The brand's logo features an elephant gun that represents adventure while the telescope represents exploration. The use of strong materials and textures gives the owner a complete experience that highlights the fine taste of its whisky. LEGACY is unique with the feel of its leather, burlap, and metal accompanying the smell of wood and burnt label edges. Cask strength whisky is the strongest type of scotch and must be further distilled before drinking, and it is with that pure, bold taste the brand was created. From the high peaks of mountains to the vast oceans of water, LEGACY salutes those who venture beyond the civilized and into the wild searching for the next great journey. 

    For the greats who dare to explore and capture the adventureLIVE A LEGACY
  • How LEGACY developed from a concept and into a product as well as a look at my design philosophy.
  • The LEGACY Whisky package comes in a handmade wooden chest and includes a half liter bottle of cask strength whisky that has been aged twenty years in the highlands of Scotland. Also two custom shot glasses housed in hand stitched burlap bags and a LEGACY booklet that highlights the history of the company as well as the palate, smell, and finish of the whisky itself. 
  • Concept & Package Design: Colin Garven
    Laser Engraving: Custom Laser CreationsPhotography: Tim Smith
Package Design, Film